UAHS Top Foundations Process

UAHS Top Foundations List & Notice of Interest Process

The UAHS Top Foundations List is comprised of private foundations and key organizations that require some level of internal coordination with the University of Arizona Health Science Development team. Our office can assist you with your approach and application submission to these organizations.

If you have a primary appointment in UAHS and would like to contact any of the organizations on the list or if a foundation on this list contacts you requesting a proposal or other information/resources, please contact our team first by submitting a Notice of Interest Form or contact

Notice of Interest Form

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our goal is to increase the likelihood of your project being funded by providing support, guidance,comprehensive institutional information about the University of Arizona’s relationship with the organization, and manage multiple requests to one funder in order to ensure we are submitting coordinated and strategically aligned proposals. Some of the organizations below have an open RFP process and investigators are encouraged to apply, however UAHS Foundation Relations should still be notified in these cases whenever possible.

Often, our office can offer valuable information that may help you better align your application and address the guidelines of the foundation. In addition, UA, UAHS, and UA Foundation leadership will be better prepared to support your specific efforts with these organizations when they interact with these organizations in other contexts.

The purpose of the Notice of Interest and UAHS Top Foundations List is to help you and ensure coordination and alignment when approaching our top funders to raise more philanthropic funding for the University of Arizona. To the best of our ability, our office will:

  • Ensure that multiple investigators or competing applications are not submitted concurrently(in collaboration with the Research Development Services/ORD if a limited submission proposal).

  • Provide comprehensive information about previously submitted and funded proposals

  • Provide first‐hand information about foundations often not found on their website

  • Connect applicants with program officers and other funded investigators as appropriate

  • Engage key leadership in moving discussions forward about the project

  • Help strategize about how to approach the organization

  • Contact organizations to share project ideas

  • Arrange meetings and site visits when appropriate

  • Provide help with writing and editing for some proposals

*Please note:

  1. Funders who restrict the number of applications that can be submitted by an institution require additional coordination via the Office for Research & Discovery’s Limited Solicitation process. For more information, contact

  2. At any time, this list may be added to or updated based on shifting institutional priorities and changes in the relationships UA/UAHS may have with these and other organizations.