Industry sponsors will provide a budget for their clinical study, but this shouldn’t be accepted without first being analyzed against an internal budget. All costs necessary to conduct the study, including salaries, procedures, services, supplies and indirect costs, should be considered when determining the study budgeted amount. While there is no specified format for an internal budget, it should provide sufficient information to assess whether the costs of the study are covered.  Our team of experienced research administrators can negotiate your study budgets directly with sponsors, review existing budgets, and obtain current Banner UMG research pricing to ensure that your department receives appropriate compensation for the study.

A process overview that includes target timelines is available here:

Coverage Analysis/Budget Workflow

Study Document Congruence

Prior to the approval of a clinical research study budget, our team will review all relevant study documents (coverage analysis, study budget, informed consent, sponsor contract) to ensure all financial terms impacting billing compliance are consistent across documents. Congruence among documents must be reviewed and confirmed prior to study activation.


Our office can help departments as requested with:

  • Account reconciliation
    • Providing account financial reports on a bimonthly basis.
    • Meeting with departments or programs on a regular basis to discuss financial health.
  • Sponsor payment requests and follow-up on outstanding invoices
  • Budget forecasting upon request
  • Assist with accounts payable functions upon request 

Contact Us

Budget Negotiations

Elisha Johnson, JD
Director, Contracting and Clinical Trials
elishajohnson@arizona.edu or 520-626-7822

Post-Award Financials

Sandra Warren
Senior Accountant, Cliniacl Trials Administration
ctfinance@arizona.edu or 520-626-1828