Researcher Databases

To find collaborators or specific areas of expertise within the University of Arizona, you are encouraged to use the following:

  • UA Experts is a public-facing database which enables searches for UA research expertise. There is also a broader SciVal Experts database which combines researcher information from the three Arizona state universities: University of Arizona, Arizona State University, and Northern Arizona University. 

  • National Institutes of Health (NIH) RePORTER (Research Portfolio Online Reporting Tool for Expenditures and Results) is one of the most valuable sources of information for aspiring and active medical researchers. RePORTER includes proposal abstracts, principal investigators, organization/institution, award amounts, project dates, publications resulting from the research, and more. 

  • PIVOT also allows researcher profiles to be created and saved, in addition to providing funding information from multiple sources. 


Beyond creating a profile, benefits to using profiles include using that information to create customizable biosketches in multiple sponsor formats (e.g., NIH, DoD, NSF). Specifically, Science Experts Network Curriculum Vitae or SciENcv, is a researcher profile system for all individuals who apply for, receive, or are associated with research from federal agencies. SciENcv is available in MyNCBI. 

  • SciENcv eliminates the need to repeatedly enter biosketch information.
  • It reduces the administrative burden associated with federal grant submission and agency requirements.
  • It provides access to a researcher-claimed data repository with information on expertise, employment, education, and professional accomplishments.
  • It allows researchers to describe their scientific contributions in their own language.