CERNER is the electronic health records (EHR) system used by Banner University Medical Center (BUMC).


Research staff must receive training to obtain access.  Please contact Ashwini Roy-Chaudhury at (520) 626-2527 with questions reqrding Cerner access or training.

CLICK Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) STUDY SET-UP (non-cancer studies only)

Only studies using Banner services and/or EHR need to be entered into CLICK. Studies that use only the BUMC Investigational Pharmacy do not have to be entered, as the research pharmacy billing remains outside of the Cerner billing module.

UAHS Research Administration will build the basic shell in CLICK and will upload the study protocol and final Coverage Analysis (CA) document.  Once the clinical study agreement has been fully executed, UAHS Research Administration will send an email to the PI & study team with a .PDF of the fully executed agreement/budget and approved CA. Banner Research Finance will be copied on this email, and this will be their prompt to finalize the study calendar using the approved CA.

Please log into CLICK to ensure that all of your current studies are entered. Study subjects who have BUMC MRNs must be linked to the appropriate study by a member of your research team. If your subject does not have an MRN, contact

If you find that your study has not been set up in CLICK, please contact UAHS Research Administration or Banner Research Finance. Please be sure to reference the approval email you have received from UAHS Research Administration.

Creating a new MRN

Contact to have a BUMC MRN created for your research subjects who do not have a BUMC medical record.

The information needed to create an MRN is: the subject’s name, SSN, date of birth, and sex. All information provided must be legal and valid, and photo identification may be requested at check-in to the procedure. We recommend that the subject’s phone number be included in the record in case of appointment changes or reminders, but if the subject does not want to provide his or her contact information, you may want to consider providing your work phone number so that you are made aware of changes and can contact the subject accordingly.


  1. Cerner access for external monitors should be made no less than 10 days in advance of their scheduled visit.
  2. Provisions can also be made for an unscheduled urgent monitor visit which will be processed in 24 hours.
  3. To request access please complete the two forms:  Monitor Request Form (complete all information in form) & Computer Access Request (CAR) Form
  4. Be sure to select the "Type of data requested" when completing the Monitor Request Form.
  5. Have your supervisor complete the signature line at the bottom of the CAR Form.
  6. For monitors who have previously had access granted, they will only need their access reactivated for the dates that they will be on site.
  7. Send the 2 completed forms via encrypted email to Mandy Childs.  Emails should be encrypted as the Monitor Request Form includes Protected Health Information (PHI).

If you have any additional questions, please call the BUMC Help Desk phone number: (520) 694-4357 (also located at the top of the CARS form).


Banner Cerner Help: Contact the Banner IT service desk at (520) 694-HELP (4357; Tucson) or (602) 747-4444 (Phoenix). Select Option 6 for assistance with Multi-Factor Authentication.

Cerner User Access or Training: Contact Ashwini Roy-Chaudhury (520) 626-2527 

Cerner Charge Validation: Contact BHRI Finance or call Yury Sukhodolsky at (602) 839-7282.