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Lauren Zajac, MPA CRA

Associate Vice President, Research Administration
(520) 621-0724

Lauren Zajac is the Associate Vice President of Research Administration for the University of Arizona Health Sciences (UAHS). She works to develop highly impactful and sustainable administration research services, tools, and strategies consistent with the UAHS-sponsored research goals outlined in the UA's strategic plan. Prior to joining the UA, Lauren held several positions with the University of Chicago, including executive director, pre-and post-award management, in the Department of Medicine; director of sponsored programs; senior manager of contracts; and grants and contracts manager in University Research Administration. She also was a research administrator with the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs at Northwestern University. She is a member of the National Council of University Research Administration and has served as study section member for the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute of the National Institutes of Health. She earned her Masters in Public Administration from Arizona State University, completed the Executive Program for Emerging Leaders at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago and earned her Bachelor of Arts in political science, graduating cum laude with highest distinction from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Lauren is also a Certified Research Administrator.

Christine Gaul, MBA CRCP

Senior Director, Research Administration Operations
(520) 626-1542

Elisha Johnson, JD

Senior Director, Clinical Trials and Contracting
(520) 626-7822

Shannon Carver

Senior Director, Grants
(520) 626-0717

Wendy Chmara

Senior Coordinator, OnCore
(520) 621-6239

Taskina Akhter, MPH

Financial Specialist, Clinical Research
(520) 626-1684

Jon Alexander, PhD

Research Administrator, Grants
(520) 621-4261

Kirsten Anderson, MPH MSW

Senior Coordinator, Regulatory
(520) 621-6417

Gonzalo Arenas

Administrative Assistant, Intake
(520) 626-5713

LyTina Brown, MPH

Financial Specialist, Clinical Research
(520) 626-4562

Susie Brown

Senior Coordinator, OnCore
(520) 621-5457

Sarah Carrico

Senior Coordinator, Intake
(520) 626-6919

Laura Caywood, MA

Research Administrator, Grants
(520) 621-7474

Sarah Clarke

Manager, Grants
(520) 626-7375

Lani Corbett

Coordinator, Intake
(520) 621-5785

Gustavo Cornejo

Senior Coordinator, Regulatory
(520) 621-7288

Hannah Curtin, BS

Senior Activation Coordinator, Intake
(520) 621-6136

Kristi L. Davis

Manager, Clinical Trials
(520) 626-1425

Murphy Davis

Senior Coordinator, Grants
(520) 626-6369

Harrison Dobbins, JD

Contract Analyst
(520) 621-2167

Denise Dudoit

Senior Coordinator, Grants

Shannon R. Edwards

Assistant Contract Officer
(520) 626-1167

Emma Fajardo, MS

Research Administrator, Grants
(520) 621-9088

Pamela Frazier, MPA

Manager, Contracts
(520) 621-8471

Lauren Gaines

Administrative Assistant
(520) 621-9108

Melissa Hala'ufia, MPH

Senior Contract Officer
(520) 626-5662

Ashley B. H. Mills, MS-CRM

Assistant Manager, Grants
(520) 626-3685

James Hanson

Coordinator, Grants
(520) 621-9077

Caitlyn Keefe

Accountant, Clinical Trials
(520) 626-1659

Zoe Li, JD

Contract Analyst
(520) 621-9081

Nicole Marquez

Coordinator, Grants
(520) 621-9515

Ofelia Martinez

Financial Specialist, Clinical Research
(520) 621-6115

Lillian Mendibles, BS

Senior Financial Specialist, Clinical Research
(520) 626-3593

Sabrina Miller-White, MS

Research Administrator, Grants
(520) 621-5419

Manuel Moreno, MLS

Contract Specialist
(520) 621-5368

Kathleen Moroz, MBA

Coordinator, Research Administration
(520) 626-3767

Mary Morse, MEd

Research Administrator, Grants
(520) 621-9826

Gladys Nkeze, MBA

Research Administrator, Grants
(520) 621-3537

Elizabeth Paulette, JD

Senior, Contract Analyst
(520) 626-4564

Juliana Peixoto, MLS

Contract Specialist
(520) 621-4140

Kelly Propst, MBA

Financial Specialist, Clinical Research
(520) 621-1660

Vassupradha Rengarajan, LLM

Senior, Contract Analyst
(520) 621-9298

Lizette Romero

Senior Research Administrator, Grants
(602) 827-2227

Amethyst Sainz, MA

Coordinator, Grants

Jessica Sanchez, MPH

Senior Research Administrator, Grants
(520) 626-8403

Kate Stansfield, MA

Contract Analyst
(520) 621-5542

Jeffery Tanguay

Coordinator, Grants
(520) 621-8177

Josephine Valladee, CRA

Assistant Manager, Intake
(602) 827-2637

Lan Vu, MBA

Senior Research Administrator, Grants
(520) 621-8995

Sandra Warren

Financial Administrator, Clinical Trials
(520) 626-1828

Ryan Yee, MHM

Contract Analyst
(520) 621-3778