Progress Reports

Progress reports are required annually to document grantee accomplishments and compliance with terms of award. They describe scientific progress, identify significant changes, report on personnel, and describe plans for the subsequent budget period or year.

  • Our office is happy to help with progress reports. Please contact us at to request support.
  • For more information on managing progress reports, we encourage you to visit the UA Research Gateway.
  • To learn more about the NIH Research Performance Progress Report, please visit the NIH information page

NIH Research Performance Progress Reports (RPPRs)

To Access your Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR) you will need to login to eRA Commons ( If you need assistance in resetting your eRA Commons Password, please contact to request support.

Once logged into eRA Commons click on the "RPPR" tab, this section should automatically populate any pending RPPR reports for grants in which you are either the PI or a delegate. You can then click "edit" to see what sections are required for your particular grant. You may begin working within the document and save as you go. You do not need to complete the entire document in one visit, and multiple delegates may work on a various sections of a report at the same time. If you have any questions please contact

*Quick Tip: To Delegate Authority to an individual in ERA Commons, click on the "admin" tab on the home page, and click "delegates". You may then search for an individual to delegate viewing/editting authority to.

*Quick Tip: ERA Commons functions better in Internet Explorer or Chrome, NOT FireFox.


eSNAP, the electronic Streamlined Non-competing Award Process, is a component of the NIH eRA Commons website. To be able to use the NIH eRA Commons you must be registered as a user. Contact Shannon Carver at (520) 626-0717 for information about registering.

To access the eSNAP page, go to the NIH eRA Commons website and log in using your Username and Password. Once you have successfully logged in, click on the eSNAP tab located towards the top of the page. This tab takes you to the Manage eSNAP page. The Manage eSNAP page is used to view the eSNAP reports to which you have access and lets you select an eSNAP report in order to perform various actions.

One of the features of the Streamlined Non-competing Award Process (SNAP) is the ability to submit a streamlined annual progress report. eSNAP provides the ability for eligible grantee institutions to electronically submit SNAP progress reports through the eRA Commons. NIH is the only agency that uses the eSNAP concept as currently designed in the Commons. For additional information on eSNAP, please review the eSNAP user guide.

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