Mission & Values


The Research Administration Team provides compliant support and education for the research teams and faculty in the six health sciences colleges, research institutes, and centers of the University of Arizona Health Sciences. In collaboration with our medical partners and university stakeholders, this team works directly with the faculty, staff, graduate and medical students, and post-doctoral trainees to find grant opportunities, prepare and route grant proposals for submission to external agencies, determine billing compliance, develop and negotiate clinical trial budgets, manage clinical trial finances and billing, negotiate and endorse contracts, provide regulatory support and guidance, develop and publish research data reports, and manage a clinical trial tracking and reporting system. 


This team values excellence and upholds the highest levels of integrity, collaboration, service, innovation, leadership, and subject matter expertise.  The team works diligently to ensure that we continue to sustain and grow the research enterprise.



  • Anticipate, respond, and meet needs of the research community in a timely fashion.
  • The research community is comprised of internal investigators, our institution and central units, and external sponsors.


  • Assess and negotiate needs of stakeholders through effective communication.
  • Standardized practices to provide uniform service.


  • Find new ways to inspire and develop effective, viable solutions.


  • Accessible source of reliable information appropriate for our audiences.


  • Listen to needs of research community.
  • Make and implement decisions and assess their outcomes.


  • Promote an environment that balances and protects the best interests of the research community.
  • Respect for all persons.


  • Maximization of the sponsored research portfolio at UAHS.