The OnCore Team is available to assist at OnCoreSupport@email.arizona.edu.

Who We Are:
Wendy Chmara | 520-621-6239 | Calendar Validations and Subject Entry
Susie Brown | 520-621-5457 | Subject Entry and Calendar Validations
Kirsten Anderson | 520-621-6417 | Regulatory


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Why use OnCore?

  1. Comprehensive clinical trial management system (CTMS)
  2. Protocol management
  3. Study participant and safety management, including calendaring
  4. Financial management, including charge validation by Banner, sending invoices, and recording payments
  5. Enhance the efficiency and quality of research within the University of Arizona Health Sciences (UAHS)
    1. Bi-directional integration with Cerner: Cerner to send demographics information to OnCore with OnCore sending protocol and subject info to Cerner.
    2. Information sharing: Research teams can access key information: protocols, consent forms, coverage analysis, checklists, participant details, and eCRFs.
    3. Dashboards: Consoles within OnCore provide a clearly and comprehensive view of information that is important to them.
    4. Notifications: Automated emails support communication and efficient workflows, changed study status, and protocol and subject status.
    5. Research management: Consistent eligibility and consent tracking, detailed visual of study-specific calendar, human subject visits, and adverse event tracking.