New Tribal Consultation Policy

The University of Arizona, as well as Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University, have developed a strong working relationship with Arizona’s native tribal nations. In an effort to maintain and further strengthen these partnerships, this February the Arizona Board of Regents approved a new consultation policy that focuses on communication between parties on issues such as land use, education and research.

The Policy is meant to serve as the highest level of authority, outlining consultative expectations and requirements when engaging with sovereign Native Nations.

The initiative promotes research endeavors that are based on collaboration, consultation and confidentiality, with respect for and acknowledgement of tribes’ cultures, traditions, beliefs, governance, laws, codes, regulations and protocols as well as complying with all applicable tribal practices and regulations.

Arizona Board of Regents President and tribal liaison Eileen Klein is confident that this new strategy will prove to be beneficial, as “this policy establishes a solid framework for relationships between tribes and Arizona’s public universities through defining principles, respect and compliance with applicable laws and practices. We hope that other universities throughout our nation will follow suit with similar policies.”

The new policy states that Universities and tribes will collaborate in the design of research in which they jointly choose to participate including consultation on confidentiality, data ownership, use of resources, use of land or space, biological materials and ownership of  those materials, proposed publications and any presentations involving said research.

The final policy can be found here. The Office of Tribal Relations at the University of Arizona is led by Karen Francis-Begay, MA, Assistant Vice President of Tribal Relations. Please contact this UA office for helpful and detailed information as well as a presentation related to implementation of this policy. 

Originally Posted: 
Monday, May 30, 2016 - 9:15pm