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Aging Experts to Address UArizona Living Healthy With Arthritis Virtual Conference

May 15, 2022

Drs. Mindy Fain, Kathleen Insel and Janko Nikolich-Žugich, experts in the health and wellness of the aging population, will deliver a combined keynote address at the University of Arizona Arthritis Center’s annual “Living Healthy With Arthritis” conference May 21.

Distinguished Advisory Group Supporting CAMI’s Move Forward

May 12, 2022

Leaders from across Health Sciences and academia, health care, commerce and government are helping to guide the launch of the new Phoenix-based center.

Diverse Group of Experts Leads Health Sciences Center

May 11, 2022

Health Sciences senior vice president Michael D. Dake, MD, to discuss development of Arizona’s newest biomedical research hub at public forum.

Creating New Defenses Against Disease After COVID-19

May 10, 2022

Deepta Bhattacharya, PhD, will discuss how research findings connected to COVID-19 are opening new potential pathways to create defenses against disease.

Study Shows Amputation Rates Fell After Medicaid Expansion

May 4, 2022

Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act led to fewer diabetic foot amputations among underserved adults, according to a new study.

Antibiotic Therapy for Asthma in Preschoolers Focus of Study

May 3, 2022

Drs. Kurt Denninghoff and Fernando Martinez lead a research team assessing the use of azithromycin for severe wheezing and asthma in children.

Lymph Nodes: Seeking a Solution for Weakened Immune Systems

May 2, 2022

The body's system for maintaining infection-fighting cells deteriorates faster near the skin than deeper in the body, according to a new study.

Health Sciences Researchers Inspired by Eureka

May 1, 2022

More than 40 UArizona Health Sciences faculty have found the joy of discovering how to bring their research to patients who need it through a global collaboration institute.

UArizona, OSU Announce Addiction Research Partnership

Apr 28, 2022

The partnership will advance pain and addiction research and accelerate positive health outcomes in Arizona, Oklahoma and across the country.

Biomarkers May Lead to Precision Therapies for Alzheimer’s Disease

Apr 27, 2022

Novel findings from the Center for Innovation in Brain Science indicate the APOEe4 genotype drives metabolic changes, regardless of patient sex.

Menopause and Cognition: Testing an Alternative to Estrogen

Apr 25, 2022

Researchers received a $7.6 million grant to investigate PhytoSERM, a supplement that may treat menopausal symptoms and lower Alzheimer’s disease risk.

Inclusivity, Scouting and Healthy Adulting with Dr. Elise Lopez

Apr 12, 2022

The UArizona Health Sciences gender and sexual violence studies expert found her son’s inclusive scouting troop an apt model for effecting institutional change for prevention programs.

Valley Fever Collaborative Awarded $3.3M in Research Funds

Apr 7, 2022

The Arizona Board of Regents earmarked $3.3 million to support research into Valley fever detection technology, genomics and seasonal outbreak patterns.

Flinn Foundation Commits $5.52M to College of Medicine – Phoenix

Apr 6, 2022

The gift will establish two faculty positions and support research in cardiovascular diseases, neurosciences and mental health.

New Immunotherapy Center Coming to Phoenix Bioscience Core

Apr 6, 2022

The Center for Advanced Molecular and Immunological Therapies will be a hub for precision medicine research, innovation and education in Phoenix.

Phoenix to be Site of New Center Targeting Immunotherapies

Apr 5, 2022

The Center for Advanced Molecular and Immunological Therapies will provide staff, facilities, support and services to advance precision medicine.

Possible Epigenetic Basis for Health Risks in Firefighters

Apr 4, 2022

Biological changes after fire exposure may increase firefighters’ disease risk, according to Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health researchers.

Public Health Poster Forum Focuses on Building Resilience

Mar 29, 2022

The annual event features Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health student research on sustainable health programs and public health workforce resilience.

Researchers Seek to Slow Muscle Degeneration from ALS

Mar 22, 2022

Researchers in the University of Arizona Health Sciences Center for Innovation in Brain Science are investigating an oral drug candidate that may benefit patients with Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Sensor Lab Seed Grants Support State-of-the-Art Research

Mar 21, 2022

The UArizona Health Sciences Sensor Lab awarded seed grants to eight faculty members and two student projects to improve health and wellness.