T32 Database

The NIH is working on developing a system to automate the capture of trainee data that has long been provided by extramural institutions in their training grant applications.

The Extramural Trainee Career Tracking system (xTRACT), a web-based system that will reduce the burden associated with creating training tables in training grant applications, while simultaneously improving data integrity and availability to grantees and the NIH.

The xTRACT system will allow NIH institutional training grant applicants and grantees to more easily generate the training tables included in their applications and progress reports. xTRACT will utilize existing data to help pre-populate the system with information on trainees, faculty, and their other awards that NIH already has captured electronically. As more trainees and investigators obtain eRA Commons accounts and the system will have access to more data for pre-population and manual data entry will decrease further. The xTRACT system will provide institutions with access to training table information for their own analyses and will eventually link to publication records and SciENcv.

NIH's goal is to have it fully operational by the end of fiscal year 2016. While xTRACT will initially be developed for creating the tables associated with T32 institutional training grants, eventually it will be extended to other institutional training and career development awards.

Please contact us at  preaward@arizona.edu for assistance with T32 grant tables.