FAQs are provided for at-a-glance answers to common questions. Please visit the OnCore Resources page for in-depth and step-by-step instructions for OnCore processes.

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General Information
Policies and Procedures
Technical Information and Troubleshooting


General Information

What is OnCore?
Online Collaborative Research Environment (OnCore) is a Web-based Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS). It was developed to support investigators and research coordinators as a centralized place to manage all of their study protocols and subjects.

Why was OnCore selected as a CTMS for UAHS?
The University of Arizona Cancer Center (UACC) has been using OnCore since 2007 as a requirement for their NCI-designated comprehensive cancer center status. A decision was made to expand the existing OnCore CTMS across UAHS to include all non-oncology research.


Policies and Procedures

Do I have to use OnCore?
Yes, we are using OnCore to manage clinical research involving human subjects. It will also be a tool to create a portfolio of active research studies by UAHS faculty. If you are a resident or fellow, please check with your faculty sponsor and/or departmental research office to find out if you should use OnCore yourself or work with a departmental research coordinator for your OnCore needs.

How do I get an OnCore account?
Please contact OnCoreSupport@arizona.edu with a copy of your current HIPAACITI Human Research, and Information Security Awareness certificates, as well as a completed OnCore confidentiality agreement. Upon receipt of these documents we will work with you to schedule training for the sessions applicable to your research role(s). After training has been completed, you will receive a time-sensitive email to set up your OnCore access.

What studies can be entered in OnCore?
All clinical research studies involving human subjects within UAHS.

Can data be extracted by OnCore?
Reports are available to assist you and your team. For more information, please contact OnCoreSupport@arizona.edu.


Technical Information and Troubleshooting

How do I get to OnCore?
OnCore can be accessed through the UAHS OnCore Login page.

Why can't I log in to my OnCore account?
If you are having problems logging into OnCore, please refer to our Login Troubleshooting page.

Why can't I see my protocol?
If you are unable to access a protocol after logging in to OnCore, please check with your protocol's IRB coordinator to make sure they have added you to the protocol staff.