The Univsersity of Arizona


UAHS Research Administration works directly with UA Contract & Research Support Program (CRSP) and Banner University Medical Group (Banner UMG) to expedite execution of these time-sensitive documents.

Confidential Disclosure Agreements (CDAs)

CDAs, NDAs, and MTAs should be emailed directly to and CC Complete the Contract Submission Cover Sheet and include it in your email.

Clinical Trial Agreements (CTAs)

CTAs are concurrently routed to CRSP and Banner UMG via the research intake form. Once the research intake form has been completed, the applicable documents uploaded and submitted, the contract will be routed to CRSP. For more information on this form, visit our Research Intake Form page.

Central Document Routing

UAHS Research Administration manages the research intake form, which allows routing of your study documents to the Banner University Medical Center (BUMC) for feasibility review and Contract & Research Support Program (CRSP). The form also provides direct study entry into the UA Clinical Trials website, when applicable. For technical assistance with the form, contact Dionisia Saner, Clinical Research Informatics Specialist. 

For information about the research submission process, research training, subject recruitment, electronic health records system (Epic), and other study preparation and management questions, contact Maria Gordon, AziCATS Clinical Research Manager.